HYDATA is a Big Data service operator, we focus on providing Big Data operation services and analysis services
for large enterprises. In the mean time, we’re the industry leader of Big Data Visualization in China. We are looking forward
to providing you products that can make Big Data operation more efficient and flexible for your company.


HYDATA creates a brand new set of Big Data operation products, which revolutionize the traditional method of data management and business model, bring a new way of management and decision-making to enterprises.


HYDATA will build the bridge between Big Data and your business. Based on the industrial logic, we help enterprises to analyze and understand Big Data from more dimensions, to strongly support business decision-making.

Innovation & Experiment

Today, all human behaviors will be recorded in the form of data. But we have just started in this field; HYDATA will continue to make the innovations and experiments, and to share our research results with our clients.